Thank You

The idea, assembly and creation of the LOVE LIVES ON recording project has been a grand journey; a touching and magical journey that has resulted in the harvest of long-lasting relationships and 10 inspirational and meaningful songs. We have truly been touched by the surviving families who shared their personal and intimate stories of grief, courage and survival, and the songwriters, musicians and vocal performers who shared their talents and their hearts to participate in the creative process.

Spawn by Bonnie Carroll’s own story, and her passion and energy for the TAPS community, the concept for the album was born.  Bonnie’s genuine care and the TAPS’ culture of service was evident from the very beginning. Dedicated, passionate, caring and loving are descriptive and characteristic of TAPS and its entire staff—extending “hugs in place of handshakes.”

A special thank you to Rusty Hensley for the introduction—making this project possible—and to Bonnie, Katie Maness, Keeley Peters Rana and the entire TAPS team for your trust and willingness to partner with us.

Thank you Frank Myers and Jimmy Nichols for your passion and dedication, and for taking on the responsibility to produce the album. You put your credibility on the line for us; we could not have been in more caring hands.

We asked a special group of songwriters to sit with these amazing survivors to help them to tell their intimate stories in song. Thank you Richie McDonald, Greg Friia, Wood Newton, Eddy Raven, Brett Jones, Billy Montana, Keni Thomas, Phil O’Donnell, Buddy Owens, Pam, Dean, Rob Crosby, Larry Gatlin, Paul Overstreet, Deborah Allen, Greg Barnhill., Gary Baker, Liz Hengber, Danny Wells, Angie Keilhauer, and Marv Green for embracing these families.  Because of you, these stories LIVE.

To the studio musicians and engineers, we thank you for helping us to create this musical art.  Your understanding of the substance of each song sets you apart, each and every one.  A special thanks to Vinnie Colaiuta, David Hungate, Dann Huff, David Pack, Eric Darken, Paul Leim, Michael Brignardell, Kenny Greenberg, Bobby Terry, Tyler Smalls, Jerry McPherson, and Lee Roy Parnell for lending your musical skills.  To John Guess, Jason Mott, and Chris Ashworth for engineering and mixing; to Andrew Mendelson for mastering; and to at Blackbird, Starstruck, and Warner Brothers studios for your hospitality.  We also want to recognize the amazing demo musicians who provided the first interpretations, Larry Beaird, Steve Brewster, Jimmy Carter, and Jerry McPherson.

This music comes from a special place, from the hearts of families, the songwriters who paint the stories, the musicians who captivate with instrumentation and the vocal performers who deliver with emotion. The LOVE LIVES ON artists freely accepted this responsibility.  Thank you all for your passion and heartfelt vocal performances: to Lonestar (Richie, Michael, Keech and Dean), John Rich, Vince Gill, Billy Ray Cyrus, Pam Tillis, Angie Keilhauer, Dave Fenley, Andy Griggs, Deborah Allen, All-4-One (Jamie, Delicious, Alfred and Tony), Eddie Raven, Mark Plumber, Paul Overstreet, Gatlin Brothers (Larry, Steve, & Rudy), Randy Montana.  The backing vocalists were amazing in adding depth and harmony, thank you Chip Davis, TG Shephard, Kelly Lang, Kathy Walker, Kirk Jay, Michael Britt, Tim Wipperman, Olivia Harms, Billy Davis, Angela Primm, Kim Fleming, and Bekka Bramlett

A special thanks to Amy and Ronnie Wright, Jon Thomason and the entire team at DittyTV, and to Steven Rychetnik and the entire team at Sprocketheads for helping us tell the story stories that inspired these songs, as well as give us a behind the scenes look with a lens that captured the moments in their purest form, on film.

LOVE LIVES ON is a vast and complex project that can only be undertaken with support from skilled professionals.  We could not have asked for a more accomplished and dedicated team. Thank you to Lynn Morrow and her team at Adams, and to Reese for legal guidance. To Tonya Ginnetti for music administration and scheduling; Kat Atwood, Caitlin Blackforth, and Brooke Carpenter at Music City Media for the art, PR and promotion; Ed Gertler for your service in digital distribution; CBIZ for the tax and accounting and to BMI and NSAI for songwriting support. To Banana’s & Caviar, Moe’s, Hog Heaven, Panera, Coco’s and McCallister’s for the great food, and to Embassy Suites for providing lodging to the survivors.

Projects of this magnitude require significant funding; without it, they simply don’t happen. The funding for LOVE LIVES ON is philanthropic and comes from our remarkable executive producers who have a vision for the creation of meaningful music as an important vehicle for supporting the welfare of others.  Because of their generosity, all proceeds from LOVE LIVES ON music sales will go to TAPS in support of its mission.  We truly have no words to express the gratitude and appreciation for your support.  A very special thank you to Kenny and Terri King, Paul and Jennifer Edwards, Jimmy and Margaret Lackie, Pete and Maria Williams, Dave and Donna Nelson, Jay and Regina Healy, and John and Lisa Bobango. Your faith and belief in this project is remarkable and memorable.

Remarkable, amazing, generous, humble, loving, selfless, caring are just a few words embodied by those who allowed us to share the stories of their loved ones—loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice in military service to protect our nation. We refer to them as survivors, family members and a best friend and their goal in writing their songs, and sharing their most intimate life experience, is with the hope that it might help others. Their songs celebrate a life lived and deliver a message that “love lives on” beyond the loss.  Today, their wish to help others has already been realized.  We are eternally grateful to Angela, Shannon and Joe Pansini, John Rhoten, Dawn Brinkley, Donna and James Islam, Tammie and Jordan Tyler Ashley, Alison, Caroline and Katherine Banholzer, Jay Choe, Stephanie Greene, Shandrea and Clarence Houser, Beth and Brian Martin, and Bonnie Carroll.  We love you all.

In closing, we give special thanks to all of the members of our Armed Forces for their service.


Sincerely yours,

Steve Dunavant                                                     Bryan Hayes

Chairman of the Board,                                     Executive Director,

Roots & American Music Society                   Roots & American Music Society